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6.4kW Fronius + Q Cells 305W Package

6.4kW Fronius and Q Cells 305W Package

6.4kW Fronius + Q Cells 305W Package


PV System Supply & Installation

21 x Black Q Cells Mono 305W Panels & top of the range Austrian made 5kW Fronius Primo Inverter. Fully installed by our CEC Accredited Installers. 

*The price is subject to a site inspection as there might be additional charges eg. meter box upgrades, tile roof etc. Please contact us to book a free consultation and site inspection.

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Warranties included

  • 25 Year Panel Performance Warranty
  • 12 Year Panel Manufacturing Warranty
  • 10 Year Workmanship Warranty
  • 5 + 5 Year Inverter Warranty

Q Cells - Key Features

Model: Q.PEAK G4.1 mono Q.ANTUM 305W

  • Engineered in Germany and made in Korea at Q Cells high tech, fully automated facilities.
  • Superior aesthetics - black frame, black cells.
  • Backed by arguably the most secure company in the industry – Hanwha Group – a Global Fortune 500 Company, established in the 1960s, very diversified and with assets of approx. $US150b.
  • High-performance mono module with Q.ANTUM cells – the result is gains in power and yields compared with standard mono cells.
  • Optimised for low light (97.5% relative efficiency at 200W/m2) and high temp (temperature coefficient -0.39%/K)
  • Genuine MC4 connectors for simplest compatibility with other system components.
  • Engineered for reduced Light-Induced Degradation (LID) in the initial year, caps the year one warranted degradation at 2%.
  • Outstanding endurance against PID (Potential Induced Degradation) – since our Anti-PID technology was introduced in 2012 there have been no PID failures in the field.
  • 12-year product warranty (including Anti-PID and Hot Spot Protect) and increased Performance warranty – year 1 98%, then 0.6% degradation = 83.6% at 25 years. Warranty is supported by the manufacturer’s Australian office in Sydney.
  • VDE Quality Tested program – the most independent, rigorous, ongoing accelerated ageing testing program. Recognised by the Clean Energy Council Australia.
  • Extreme Wind Ratings – G4 frame has been tested at James Cook University, Townsville and rated to 6970 Pa in cyclonic regions and 7760 Pa in non-cyclonic regions.

Fronius - Key Features:

Model: Fronius Primo 5kW (INT)

  • SnapInverter Technology - Its innovative SuperFlex Design provides maximum flexibility in system design, while the SnapINverter mounting system makes installation and maintenance easier than ever before.
  • WLAN Energy Management -The included communication package, with WLAN, energy management, several interfaces and much more, allows the Fronius Primo to communicate with the user, the PV system and the grid.
  • Future-Proof - With Fronius, you are choosing an inverter packed with a range of intelligent features that is accepted by all energy providers. Over a system service life of at least 20 years, future requirements can be met through quick and easy software updates or plug-in cards.
  • Smart Grid Ready - The Advanced Grid Features (AGF) incorporate a range of functions that support reliable grid operation. They prevent grid faults and unexpected failures leading to yield losses. In line with new guidelines for energy fed into the grid, these features can be activated at any time.